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Leadership Basics for Frontline Leaders by Bill Templeman


Optimizing leadership and team effectiveness are core performance-improvement issues for any organization


Ascent Associates specializes in providing solutions to performance improvement issues that involve individual and team development.  These solutions include intensive workshops, training seminars, individual coaching and conference presentations.

You have to be working at your best. How do you get there? We believe you can achieve outstanding results if you concentrate on your talents and convert them into strengths through focused training, coaching and other development services.

All of us learn most effectively when we become fully conscious of what we are experiencing. In order to get the improvement in business outcomes and the career success we want we need to understand what our actions are teaching us.

Ascent Associates provides developmental services — training, consulting and coaching — that help individuals, teams and organizations reach their full potential as leaders. We find that this individual and team development is best done by engaging people in action learning and helping them fulfill their own work objectives. We specialize in Managing ChangeTeamwork and Intergenerational Communication. For more details see ‘services‘. article source

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