Convert conflict between the generations at work into high-value assets that can drive success

Presented by Bill Templeman

This program will give you an enhanced understanding of how to communicate with each of the four generations currently in the workplace: Veterans, Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y. Each generation has it’s own set of core values and aspirations. Once you understand where each generation is coming from, you will be better able to target your communication efforts for maximum effectiveness.


This program has been designed to meet the communication and management needs of all four generations. You will listen to presentations, participate in dialogue activities, small group exercises and simulations. Ascent offers this program in the following formats:

  • Brief conference presentations
  • 1-hour lunch & learns
  • 2-hour mini seminars
  • Half-day seminars

This program can also be delivered as a webinar.

Who Would Benefit From This Program

If you manage multiple generations, report to someone of a different generation, or if you are on a multi-generation team, this program will help you. Consider attending this program if you are a team member, supervisor, manager, department head, H.R. specialist, or a project team leader.

You will learn how to:

Get your message across to other generations in a way that promotes understanding for the benefit of everyone involved

Adjust your management style so that you can work effectively with other generations; learn how to identify and appeal to their sense of loyalty

Listen between the lines to what other generations are really trying to tell you about their values, aspirations and fears

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