What Ascent Associates Do For You

Performance improvement requires a continuum of services


  • Training
  • Facilitation
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Business Communications
  • Speaking & Presentations



We design and deliver learning experiences based on proven, effective training methodologies that help individuals, teams and organizations excel. In addition to developing and delivering custom-designed training, we also deliver our own programs:

These programs are available as conference presentations or brief modules, 2-hour sessions and half-day workshops.

We use confidential surveys with anonymous attitude feedback, self and team assessments of thinking styles, action-learning activities, simulations, workflow analysis and team development models along with other tools and processes to enhance individual and team leadership skills.


We facilitate meetings and group processes that require precise design and delivery, such as strategy alignment and strategic thinking.


We coach individuals on performance improvement and career-related issues. We also coach teams. In order to enhance our coaching capabilities we have formed an alliance with Edgework Leadership Coaching. For more information please visit the Edgework Leadership Group.


We assess your desired outcomes and the learning strategies that would best help you get there. We work with you to get maximum return-on-investment from your development dollars by making sure that you know all the key actions to take before and after any development event to promote lasting value.

Business Communications

In conjunction with Prevail Media, we produce the text and graphics for the documents you need: reports, research studies, newsletters, brochures, training materials and ads. To view a portfolio of our published writing on business, travel and politics, click here.

Keynote Presentations

We deliver keynotes and other presentations on management development, team and leadership topics.

Click here to browse our new book on leadership for frontline managers. To view a portfolio of our published writing, click here

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